What To Do in New York If You’ve Already Seen The Sights

New York is a city of big views and spectacular sights. From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, there are no end of elite landmarks to check out. But what happens once you’ve seen them all? Today, let’s run through four things you can do in the Big Apple which don’t involve heading to one of these spots of interest.


Christmas Tree Lighting at Princeton, NJ

Yes, I am just writing this now…in March.

Our main reason why we visited Princeton this time was because my sister had this project in school that she had to try on some bakery and some sorts, and since we thought Princeton has few spots, so why not.

Life Lately: What’s Up?

Featured Image from pexels.com

This was initially more like a post-thanksgiving post where I take time to list down all the things that I’m thankful for the past year but I guess this is a good time to explain why I was in a not-so-long hiatus on the blog.

So what’s up? Seriously, what’s up Kristine?

I haven’t really been blogging that much probably because (1) I’m lazy to open up my laptop and my phone isn’t really that accessible to the photos in our hard drive, (2) I am still uninspired to write anything up and (3) I’m just really lazy. :p

Washington, D.C

No surprise that I started to love the ideas of small travels. It started when we had that long drive to Virginia to see some relatives and that was the first time we traveled out of the state ~ besides New York and Pennsylvania.

We packed our clothes two days before we leave that’s how excited I am to see kids and relatives that we haven’t seen in months or more likely in a year.

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Last Saturday, my sister and I went fishing together with her boyfriend’s family. It was honestly my first time doing this kind of thing..going out on a Saturday night with other people. We actually went home around 2 AM, imagine how late that was for me.

So before that, I’ve been tweeting endlessly on what should I wear when someone’s going fishing, I even searched it on the web and didn’t find any. I even decided to bring my camera with me, risking of taking good ol shots, but didn’t used it anyways. So the following images you’ll see on this post are all from my iPhone 6s+ and edited using Lightroom, some are two of Corinth’s presets! 😀

June Favorites

It’s legit summer season, meaning all day 90 degree Fahrenheit over the east coast and we’re off to another month. It’s actually the first week of July as I start to type this post and hopefully to finish this post, trying to do all the blog drafts I have in mind before I go to work again tomorrow and just lurk over Twitter and Instagram. This is one reason why I love holidays off, because I get to do blog stuffs and just lay on bed and be lazy all day. Hehehe