Thank You And Goodbye

I’d be lying if I told you, I didn’t loved you. I’d be lying if I told you, I hated you.

You were my one great love. That I asked from above.

I’d be lying if I told you, I stopped thinking of you. And I’d be lying if I told you, I don’t miss you.

You still cross on my mind. Our memories — good and bad, combined.

I thought I would be okay. Until I caught myself staring at the bay.

I am getting weak and this is wrong. Wish I could be strong.

I wish I could erase all the memories. That turned instantly into tears.

You’re one of the best. But you turned out to be just a guest.

In a heart I own. In these lips that is always on frown.

You made these little mouth smile. From the love we had from a thousand mile.

Now I’m saying goodbye. And I wish I could fake the smile in my eye.

But one has to walk away. And go on every single day.

I thank you for the smiles. We have shared even from the miles.

Hoping this will be the last. And for us to heal fast.

As I write this, I wish you nothing but the best. And just let our hearts take a rest

As I say goodbye to someone that I don’t want to be addressed.

Thank You And Goodbye