TBT: 100 Years – Disney On Ice

“You can never be too old for Disney”

And since, Disney On Ice is around the corner, and as much as we wanted to see another of it, we can’t – since we saw one already.

Last year, 2014 – we saw this signage on a LED TV where there will be Disney On Ice. Of course, we all wanted to see it – me and my sisters wanted to try to watch it. Luckily, we have one customer who’s wife is working in the arena and he gave us tickets (of course not free) for a good seat! Upon arrival, we saw that most viewers of it were kids, of course, kids love Disney – so adults! I prepared myself for it, I charged my camera, deleted all the images on the memory card and even brought my phone camera lens. But these images are taken using my SLR.

We had so much fun! Upon entering and looking for our seats, the lobby and hallway of the arena is filled with Disney stuffs. There are stuff toys, plush toys and everything about Disney.

Disney On Ice is basically a show about Disney where they perform and sing the songs that they did on the actual movie. Some of the Disney Characters were: Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Lion King and those famous ones.

Okay, enough blabbering, here are some photos. PS: I didn’t edited these, so the photos you are going to see are all RAW and unedited. This will be the last unedited photos, so my apologies 🙂



These are just few photos from last year’s Disney On Ice. The uploader decided not to function properly. 🙂 hoping to see another one some other time 😀


Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

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