Blogging: 2015 Review

I haven’t posted anything under LDRBN since: A) I don’t have any idea what to post LDR related and B) I am having a “blogger’s block” in a while. But hey, look at me now, I am actually writing these blog posts to be scheduled and posted since I got home from work which is really NEW and good, I would say.

2015 was a year for me to finally let myself out and do blog publicly. I have been telling the blog over and over that I have been blogging privately since 2010. A little info just for those who are new to the blog and who are actually reading this. I started blogging in Multiply in 2010, I don’t rant, I really write short poems which really I am proud of today! I switched to Tumblr and that started everything. I write and blog stuffs privately just for the sake of documenting my photos and the things I did. It made me feel really good that I would see myself doing it almost every single day. I got into a long distance relationship and that started me blogging my LDR, which helped me in a good way! Tumblr had built a community of bloggers who are in a long distance relationship who gets support from each on of the bloggers.

One time, I saw a link on my dashboard about a legit blogging network for those who are in a long distance relationship, and I thought why not try it, it’s just one time try and if I don’t get accepted, then I’ll still continue to write and blog.

I had this blog sometime July 2015, so it is really a year of blogging to me! I started to share my story (but still kinda private) and started to blog about the relationship. Blogging really helped me in a way to vent out and express my heart out. I am not an expressive person, so writing a blog for me really helps a lot! I would sometimes see myself sitting in a corner, holding my phone up and trying to think of new topics to be talked about.

How did it helped my Long Distance Relationship back then?

I could way express myself and my thoughts that none of my friends will know. I feel like blogging is talking to the past self, where there will come a time, future self will read it and will be able to seek knowledge over the words written in it.

One thing that helped me and my relationship back then, is being able to be surrounded by the most amazing community I have ever known. Ladies and gentleman, friendship comes in different packages! I had mine wrapped in a gold and silver package that I have still keep in my heart. The most amazing people who have helped me over the year and taught me things to know and to do in my relationship.

Right there and then, I started writing posts that will indicate my relationship (either here or on my LDR Tumblr back then). Reading blogs about LDRs and followed bloggers who are in a LDR.

Now that I am not in a LDR anymore, I still see to it to write informative posts about long distance relationship, which to be honest, makes me happy. I still continue writing blogs about long distance relationship, because I am positive that there are happy endings for every kind of story, and being in a long distance relationship before is one of my favorite story I have ever written.

How did it helped my life/lifestyle?

Like I said, I do blog because this makes me happy. I can’t see myself getting money from blogging, but what I do know is that it is one thing that makes me happy aside from movies and photography!

What makes it even worth it, it’s that I can see people reading my blog. I am nobody, I mean, I do this because I love it. And to see people liking what I wrote truly makes it everything worth it! This is my new home, a home where I could be and show the real me (that I can’t show in the real world). So I am truly grateful that I did this last year (2015) and I am actually planning to make it better this year! Hopefully, no more bloggers block for me this year!


Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

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