Five Years

We all meet someone who will leave photos and significant memories in our lives. Whether it may be the guy who made a promise to you when you were young; the guy who loved you so much or the guy who broke your heart. Either way they still somehow left a mark in your life and taught you life lessons. Right?

I do come across several people online and not so much in person. And sometimes, I get too attached and make instant connections to those whom I met online. These people I met online were the ones who I have proven to stick with my life, through thick and thin; though we miss communicating for a week or month – I still know that I will always have a friend to run and talk to. And you’d be so lucky if you’ve met them. Well then I am lucky and I am happy that I have met someone online and knew them personally.

I had to reread your post on Tumblr for reference! 🙂

It was March 10, 2011 – when I first met someone whom I knew online. It was really not planned because I had scheduled mock-interview at that time AND since this friend of mine and I have the same last name, we were scheduled in that same day and that how we first met! Hi Shan, I had to make a post about you since I love you and I really appreciate you so much, even if I rant and vent out, you still listen to me! Imagine, that’s like five years of me ranting and still you are there for me! ^^, okay then back to the post! 🙂

Image from: Shanelle Anne

Around 2011 in Tumblr there is a online shop who sells out ballers (and I was into ballers that time, like literally spend hours shopping online for them!) and decided to buy two Tumblr ballers because why not! They are so cute and believe it or not I still have them up to now. Before I leave The Philippines, I decided to give stuffs to my friends as a small thank you and remembrance from me! I gave Shanelle this Tumblr baller, a letter and that cute bear! I remember bringing it and handling it to her at the hallways of the MGN building! :p


Then I forgot when did I got the letter she wrote for me, which I also still have it til now! And rereading it when I need to smile. So I am writing this blog post for you and for the anniversary of us actually meeting in person! 🙂

The other day I felt so lonely and emotional that I had to let the words out. And guess who I messaged first? Her! Though I know she studies very hard and really won’t read it on time, but I still told her everything my heart wants to say! I think she knows me too well THAN my real friends (whom I met on the four corners of the room!). It’s really an expected thing that her and I got along together that fast. I mean, to know that we met online and almost shared the rest of the friendship online because we never actually got to hang out besides that two meetings we had! 🙂

So I’ll just stop talking and just gonna write her a letter instead. 🙂

Dear Shanelle,

I am not used to addressing letters with your name. I am used to calling you sis cause I did feel like I had a sister to you and a friend and a best friend 🙂 it’s been almost five years since we became friends and I still cherish every single time we talk. I appreciate you being my friend – to even have you in my life *sounds cheesy* but I am grateful that I had a friend like you! I am still counting on our hang out and maybe a movie or whenever we want to go, just wait for me and I’ll be home i don’t know when, but we will go out and catch up the years that we should’ve enjoyed before! I love you sis and know that I am always here for you as well! 🙂 Cheers to our friendship and to actually seeing each other soon and going out!