What’s On My iPhone


I’ve been wanting to do this because I forgot who’s blog I have read before who had done this too and gave me an idea and told myself – Eh why not do it besides, I have done the what’s in my bag tag (camera bag). So here it is, and after a week of being MIA on the blog and other social media account I have, here I am again. Trying to revive and fill in the time I missed and Oh how I miss facing my laptop and writing blog! So without further adieu, here is my What’s On My iPhone (tag).


And if you know me personally or if you probably follow me on my Instagram you already or forgot that I have posted this image as soon as I got it. And as I browse my Instagram feed now, it has been nineteen (19) weeks since I got my iPhone! Meet, SigFreid. And yes, I name him after its unit and yes, it is a male! 


I only have a single page on my phone because: (1) it’s more neat and (2) i don’t like mess on two pages on my phone. And obviously, the important apps are mostly the one that are not on the folders just because for easy access.

Wallpaper. I got the wallpaper on a wallpaper app that I already deleted because I don’t want unnecessary apps that I am not going to open again.

And you know the basics (Clock, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Music and all at the bottom for easy access).

Lifestyle Folder. Basically a folder where I put half of the pre-installed apps on the phone!

Productivity Folder. Most likely the other pre-installed apps on the phone :p

Pay Folder. Where I store all the apps where I use to obviously pay all the bills!


Entertainment Folder. Shazam App for when I wanted to know a certain song on the radio and a Spotify for me to add the song on my playlist :p

Social Folder. My favorite folder and probably the most opened folder on my phone. Facebook and Messenger for my friends back home. Skype which I don’t know why I still have it installed where I barely open it. Snapchat (@iam.iistiiin) for my nonsense snaps. Indeed Jobs because who doesn’t like to look for a job, right?

Photography. VSCO and Snapseed because I really don’t know to edit photos so I only need two which I always use. Should I make a post about how I edit photos? Probably not. Haha.

Blog Folder. Where I try to draft posts and read blogs from people I follow. WordPress and Bloglovin to read blogs, like I said. Dropbox to save photos from the phone and vice versa (to PC). I use Evernote, to store drafts too. Either I use my Notes app, Notability app or the Evernote (which I most likely to use because it syncs to my PC).

And last but mostly not the least. Netflix and Thought Catalog. You know what are these two for. :p

I don’t have that much on my phone because it only has limited phone space, so whenever I take photos, either I sync it on the PC or blog it on my VSCO or whenever I really am bored, they’ll just end up on the trash folder after a month or two.

Also, I don’t have games on my phone because I always forget to play it. So I never download any games, or I do, but after a month or two they’ll just get deleted.

So, that’s it on what’s on my phone. Now, would you let me take a peek of what’s on your phone?


5 comments on “What’s On My iPhone”

  1. The short story was quite confusing haha but anyway, at least you were still able to upgrade! Lucky you, they’re gifted from your parents. 🙂 While I have to pay for my own phone hahaha

    I see you organized your apps according to their use. I tried to do that but it doesn’t work for me. I get confused where I put the app I need haha

    I have also blogged about what’s on my phone! 🙂 http://jojomei.com/whats-in-my-phone/


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