15 Things I’m Grateful for This Year

Long time! I haven’t posted anything on my blog for weeks. And probably needs an explanation, so where I have been? As usual, work is there and on weekends either I am sleeping half the day or just busy watching series. Did I told you that I’m watching This Is Us? And it’s really so amazing, what a great show! And now I’m watching Spongebob Squarepants while I’m finishing this post, and hopefully to really have this done today. :p

So, I turned a year older. Yay. Another year, another year to be thankful of things. I was going to write a post about the lessons I’ve learned throughout the years, but then I got distracted with things and so here is another one. :p

I’m thankful ……

1. For being able to wake up every day, even after all the tiring days and the days that I’ve wanted to cry.

2. For having the Lord Almighty by my side every day and guiding me throughout the day and decisions I’m making.

3. For having an amazing friends who I can always ALWAYS rely to.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

4. For having an amazing sisters who helps, who makes me happy and laugh every time I’m having a bad day. They even got me these stuffs yesterday; two cards from each of them, my favorite chocolate and this cute little flower.

5. For every lesson I’ve learned throughout the days, months and years that passed.

6. For having a much cleaner state of a heart.

7. For having a stable job where I could help pay the bills.

8. For the blogging community that inspires me to write more.

9. For having great parents who leads me in the right path.

10. That slowly I’ve been realizing things that would make my life a better one, but haven’t acted it out yet.

11. That we are all safe after the snow storm last week and that my Uncle and Auntie arrived home safe.

12. For our last vacation in the Philippines, which was by the way is still the best! I’ve got to meet new people, family and got to meet friends.

13. For having a much good health. 

14. For the people who appreciates and loves my family more than I do.

15. For you my beautiful readers who still visit my blog even though I lack of posts here and there.

While I know there a LOT more I should be grateful for this year, I think I can’t squeeze more of my brain. Hehe. So yeah, I’ll try to be more active on here. xx


Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

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