Brooklyn Bridge | New York

It was a dream of mine to visit New York and luckily I get to visit the state probably every year and get to visit new places which I pretty much see on Instagram. I am not going to deny it, I AM IN LOVE WITH NEW YORK!

So then, I was browsing my hard drive and saw these images I took back in year 2014 or so. And I know it’s a bit old, but the memories are still here and forever kept. So I’ll take you to New York, specifically Brooklyn Bridge. Enjoy!


My family and I planned to visit the 9/11 Memorial that day and the place was serene and a lot of tourists taking bunch of photos. That also was the time that I got to play with my D3200’s settings and took this beauty!


Before we even got to the Brooklyn Bridge, we stumbled upon this amazing street performer and we watched them for pretty much an hour or less. It’s really amazing and what I love about New York is the random performers who are always on the street showcasing their talents.



The walk from the street performer was like about an hour and half just to get to this place where we could take photos of the bridge and just see the ferries and enjoy the cityscape.


Then we also got to see the Brooklyn love locks which I am stunned because I’ve dreaming of seeing the one in Paris, but then New York has few and made me feel really happy.



I fell in love with the city even more and wanting to explore few places in New York.