A Look In My Calligraphy Journal

I love doodles and doodling on my spare time. Back in college I always end up having doodles on my paper and notebooks to pass the time and my few of my classmates and friends would love my doodles back then.

One time, I was browsing the Instagram explore page when I stumbled upon a calligraphy account and thought about giving it a shot since I loved doodling, so why not. I bought my first sketch pad and my first set of brush pens without knowing if I’ll love the thing or what, but obviously I loved doing calligraphy that’s why I am writing this.

My first set of pen was from Prismacolor and actually loved the brush pen. It really had that comfortable feeling when you write simple words with it. I wish I could show you guys some pieces that I have using these pens.

The black pad is where I store all my calligraphy arts and the two pads are stock dotted pads for my Bullet Journal ~

And next I bought a Tombow Brush pens in their primary colors and my Rhodia Dotted pads, no photo of the Rhodia since I forgot I actually had them because I’m saving up the pads. The dotted pad is really a great for markers and brush pens, since it don’t bleed on the back of the page which is actually great for notepads. I would recommend the Tombow Brush pens to those who want to start learning brush calligraphy/faux calligraphy.

A peek of all the brush pens I love to use ~

Not in the photos: I love using the Tombow Fendenosuke pens which are by far my favorite.

The next thing I know, I’m purchasing my first nib pen and ink. I actually have two nib pens and actually use just one since I find the other one handy and comfortable.

I have still a lot to learn and to practice a lot in calligraphy. I started practicing brush calligraphy everyday, even printed some handwriting or calligraphy worksheets to help me practice, learn more and get use to pens and writing; and the upward and downward strokes of a faux calligraphy or brush calligraphy.

I’m still learning a lot from it but here are some of the pieces I have worked and did in the past weeks and months.

Pens Used: Tombow Fendosauke, Memento Brush pens, Faber-Castell art pens


Tools used: Nib pen and Speedball ink in Super Black

I’ve learned these through online, videos, Pinterest and from these calligraphy bloggers:

And few more accounts on Instagram. So there’s that, a peek of my calligraphy journal. I want to thank the bloggers who commented on my previous blog post and made this calligraphy post happen ~



9 thoughts on “A Look In My Calligraphy Journal

  1. OMG! These are so pretty! I’m trying to learn calligraphy too kaso tinatamad ako HAHAHAHA! I’m just starting to do so on my BuJo, next time na ang legit learning how to calligraphy. I’m busy learning other languages kasi right now, I feel like I can’t keep up if isasabay ko pa ‘to. lol

    Kelly | kellybytes.com


    1. Aww thank you Kelly. I’m still learning and trying to practice calligraphy especially pag may time pa after work. Hehe. Hindi ko ata kakayanin yung languages though gusto ko matuto ng new language haha


    1. Thank you Nichie. That’s actually a great idea, I might actually do that. Thank you. I’ve been practicing with new tools and excited to have them here


  2. I used to be very passionate about Calligraphy but then school consumed most of my time, my strokes went dfakjdfdsfks again. Though I tried brush calligraphy, I sucked big time! I enjoyed calligraphy and faux calligraphy more. Also your artworks are great! Keep it up! 🙂


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