My Spring Nail Polish Picks

Spring is one of my favorite season, aside from Fall and Winter. Basically I love all seasons, except Summer. And Spring for me is one of the most colorful season, trees starts to bloom, flowers starts to bloom, it’s also Cherry Blossom season! I wish I could see one next year ~

Anyways, spring is one of my favorite and that’s because pastel colored nail polishes are all over the stores. And lately I’ve been painting my nails from a bright red color (I know it’s not pastel but still) and a few pastel colors. 

I started painting my nails during my fourth year in college and that was the day of my graduation. Course I needed to pamper myself and painting my nails then was my way of it. And from then, I started painting my nails every now and then. I am a person who often bite their nails and maintaining a nail polish on a decent days or weeks is not really my thing. But then as I start to age and grow up, I fancied having longer nails and nail polishes on them.

I even tried putting fake nails at home and eventually ended up going to a nail salon and have acrylic nails. And honestly, they’re really good. I had acrylic nails when I took my vacation in the Philippines. And the only reason why I love getting fake nails is to hide my normal nails so they would grow in time.

Going back to the initial reason of this blog post, I will be sharing my five spring nail polish picks. And these nail polishes that I have already used in a few weeks or more.

Essie 208 fun in gondola

Currently I have this Essie 208 fun in the gondola (pictured above) on my nails; which I think looks good on my skin color. But here are my top five’s:

Here are the elaborate names of the nail polishes pictured above:

  • Revlon: Love Struck
  • Revlon: Seductive
  • OPI: Kerry Blossom
  • Sally Hansen: Pink Blink
  • Sally Hansen: Red Eye (in gel polish)

What are your favorite nail polish picks? I might actually check it out and try it on myself ~


Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

8 thoughts on “My Spring Nail Polish Picks

  1. Oh my gosh! I love the pink one so much! I’m not a huge fan of nail polishes in general because ang bilis nila matanggal but when I do, I usually choose pastel colored ones!


  2. I love the idea of darks in spring! I am a HUGE fan of darker nail polish colours personally and wear black, or dark colours almost all the time. My nail lady uses OPI, and some of my favourite colours include Lincoln Park After Dark, Black Onyx and Vampsterdam. So much fun! It’s my ‘something fun’ too!

    Britt |


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