KxLigraphy | 01

Last month I posted something about my love for a hobby I acquired while living here in the states, I’ve posted my calligraphy journal and some of the pens I usually use.  And I tell you, having to practice my calligraphy every now and then relieves all the stress I’ve been thinking and all the things. Going back to post last month, I’ve gotten few comments from you my lovely readers that you’ve wanted to see more of the arts I do and I’ve been thinking of doing an Instagram account for my hobby, but then I am too lazy to post up things on a daily basis, so a monthly round-up of the calligraphy arts is okay.

Enough of the long introductions, welcome to a calligraphy series – KxLigraphy, which means, Kristine’s Calligraphy stuff.


This is just a plain sketch book I have which was really great with pens and watercolors, since the pages are so thick; it’s really a great thing for drawing and doing arts.

I also tried switching up pens and other art materials and lately I’m loving the aqua brush pens I got at Amazon and dipping it with Tombow Brushes or a watercolor. Though, I should really learn a LOT of watercolor and blending techniques; like what are the colors that would look good blended together.

I’ve been pretty busy and lazy for the month of June, that is why I lack of calligraphy practice and I only have few pieces to show you guys, but here they are.DSC_0109




The first three pieces are a bit messy since I am still learning a LOT of things about writing and doing calligraphy, however I really loved how the fourth one looked like. I used water color on the fourth one, blended green and blue which is pretty great combination, and two of my favorite colors.

I hope that I could find time to practice more of my calligraphy art for this month of July. And I will hopefully see you next month for another, KxLigraphy ~


Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

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