June Favorites

It’s legit summer season, meaning all day 90 degree Fahrenheit over the east coast and we’re off to another month. It’s actually the first week of July as I start to type this post and hopefully to finish this post, trying to do all the blog drafts I have in mind before I go to work again tomorrow and just lurk over Twitter and Instagram. This is one reason why I love holidays off, because I get to do blog stuffs and just lay on bed and be lazy all day. Hehehe

And I am here once again to write in my monthly favorites.

Work Life

I’ve been doing a lot of office works lately, starting to check stuffs and do MORE stuffs than before. What I love with this job I am currently with, is that I can grow and learn a lot of things and since I am still young, I know I’ll be able to learn a lot more and develop good communicating and build up my confidence towards people. I wish I could tell you more about the work I have and what I really do for work, but for some personal reasons I have decided not to….for now. Or maybe one day I’ll type in and dedicate one post for this.

Update: It’s the sixth of July and my first time to measure a customer by myself. I am a bit all over the place but thank heavens I’ve survived it. New learnings and fun day, actually ~



Last month I also received my Leo Mazzotti bracelet which I posted on my Instagram and included is a coupon you can use to purchase your own Leo Mazzotti bracelet. I got the American Dream in New York. And last month Printiki also emailed me and gave me a voucher for those who want their photos in prints. You can use my codes below:




Recently I purchase a new backpack as a replacement to my old one which is from Victora’s Secrets. You know that free backpack they give out when you purchased certain amount of items? Yup, that backpack. I’ve used it for a long time and I got tired of it, so I purchased a new one. Thanks to Corinth’s post about that pink blush bag, I purchased mine as well. But not a pink one, but I purchased mine on Just Fab.


I got this on sale because I was a first time making an account on the site and I can say that it was worth it. I love how the bag looks like and how it’s a bit spacious inside. Like I can bring all my stuffs and it won’t look that I’m carrying a big item and it’s comfy while wearing it.

I’ve been using Corinth’s Lightroom presets on few of my instagram posts, so if you’d like you check that out at: instagram

I’ll be going fishing on the weekend and hopefully I get nice photos to show you guys. But I doubt that I will because we’ll be fishing at night and don’t ask me why.

And I think that it is for now, I’m starting to be productive of my time and often times I find myself drafting posts for my blog. Oh also, this month is my blogniversary…two years! Yay. So yeah, I will see you on my next post ~


4 thoughts on “June Favorites

      1. My first ever job was working down my local pub (4 years on, and I’m still working in hospitality!), so it completely threw me in the deep end! Keep at it though gal! It’s all about baby steps!


  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Two years wow! 🙂
    Also congrats on building your confidence at work! I am not that confident when dealing with people especially if I’m the new one and they already have a “group”.
    The bag looks beautiful, I like that kind of backpack! I would want a black one hehe


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