Point Pleasant Beach | New Jersey

Last Saturday, my sister and I went fishing together with her boyfriend’s family. It was honestly my first time doing this kind of thing..going out on a Saturday night with other people. We actually went home around 2 AM, imagine how late that was for me.

So before that, I’ve been tweeting endlessly on what should I wear when someone’s going fishing, I even searched it on the web and didn’t find any. I even decided to bring my camera with me, risking of taking good ol shots, but didn’t used it anyways. So the following images you’ll see on this post are all from my iPhone 6s+ and edited using Lightroom, some are two of Corinth’s presets! 😀

So last Saturday at 5 PM, me and my sister are all set to travel with her boyfriend’s family for an hour. I wore my combat boots, because that’s what he told me to wear and a cool nice shirt and a backpack for all my stuffs which includes extra shirt and leggings, a poncho, my wallet and other stuffs. And knowing myself, I’d rather have the boots wet than my sneakers. And honestly, I didn’t know what to expect on a nine-hour fishing trip plus being on a boat for the longest time. We arrived the location early and even got ourselves some good ice cream cones! Yay.

Around 7 PM we are already allowed to be in the boat. The entire trip was a $75 trip and you also can have a fishing rod with that.


For a good couple hours we were seated at the top of the boat which is really nice because you get to see all the boats and the beauty of the ocean from above. I just can’t really look down after because I’m a bit not okay with motion and seeing the boat move from the water is really a bummer. So I took all my time taking few photos.





And around 730 PM we were set to sail ~



I honestly didn’t imagined myself on a boat and see the beauty of the ocean up close. Because fun fact about myself, I hate swimming pools and ocean. I can’t even swim on a pool~



See that shore above? My sister’s boyfriend told us that, that shore was the Seaside Heights which I have blogged before and you can see the post HERE. How amazing was that, right?! So pretty much, we are sailing in the middle-st part of the ocean.

I got to see the sunset which is so beautiful and actually had a lot on my mind about living and the things I see with my eyes then.


But then guess what? Once I’ve decided to try fishing and be with the rest of the people on the boat, I felt sick. I can’t even stand still without holding on to anything…in short, I had sea sickness. I basically stayed inside taking a rest and slept the whole ride. But I am really glad that I got to try this thing and got to experience new things. Am I going to do this again? I’d rather not, just to be safe than having sea sick again.

Hope you enjoyed the images, it’s a bit short but this is really a great experience for me! 🙂