Life Lately: What’s Up?

I haven’t done this in weeks or probably in months! I’ve been busy doing stuffs, keeping my head distracted and a lot has been going on to be honest.

On the good side, my blog turned two last Friday! How fast was that? I could still remember how I drafted my first blogniversary post which you can read HERE. And to be honest, it’s already an achievement for me to keep the The Blank Polaroids name for a really long time. Changing URL has been my thing back in tumblr days. So having this name for two long years is an achievement! YAY!

For two long years, I’ve met amazing people who inspired me to live every single day, be better at things that I know I’m capable and I’m good at. Amazing people who listened to me whine, read my posts and who supports me with the things I do. The photos I took are just another reason to express my gratitude to you guys. You all have been my internet friends who I treasure to be honest. You all are sooo amazing!

I was gonna do a anniversary post, but decided not to for this year because I don’t know what else to write about. But these are just few things I’ve learned for the last two years: (1) there will always be people out there who will support you no matter what, be your friend and help you through out and (2) sometimes comments are just comments. Negative comments will make you strive harder and work on your thing harder. So those negative comments, don’t mind them. Take those comments as an inspiration to strive harder, work harder and do much better.


I haven’t been taking photos lately…but sure I am enjoying post processing some of the images I took before. I edited some photos which I’ll be using on my work desktop wallpaper, because why not :p

And speaking….work is definitely doing so well. Getting that confidence I needed little by little.

I ended up an almost relationship which explains why I posted something about online dating, and like what I’ve tweeted last night, I’ll be sharing my side of the story probably a week or in couple days.

I’ve been practicing my calligraphy and actually planning to do something about it. Maybe sell something? Or take it as a real hobby other than just practicing it every night. My bullet journal looks good for someone who doesn’t plan anything a head of time. That reminds me, I should post that blog about my bullet journal and update my bullet journal.

Also, I’m planning to get my second tattoo. He he he he

I’ll try to draft some more stuffs before I get really busy. I’ll take time to practice stuffs I love to do. I’ll definitely take more time in blogging, photographs and reading – which again, I bought two books. So I guess that is it for now. I should be preparing and cleaning up our room now. I’ll talk to you again, soon!

Hope you all have a good week!



Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

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