My Bullet Journal | 2017

If you're on Instagram, you'll probably have seen bullet journal-ers across your Explore page, because that's how my explore looks like on a daily basis. I'm not really that type of person who take down notes and plan ahead of time, unless I like doing it. But last May 2017, I joined the wagon and created my own bullet journal. Actually, I started my bullet journal sometime February and believe it or not, it didn't lasted that long. I had to take down that journal because I don't see any progress or sorts.But you might wonder why I started one again and why I think this one will work out than the one I had before?

Why I started a Bullet Journal? 

As far as I could remember, I think I saw one from Corinth and other people who likes calligraphy and thought about making one. Because first: I love writing and doodles! This bullet journal I have currently is a bit messy, but I am actually loving it and the idea of I can see where my work plan and other things I do on a daily basis. It's actually fun to see how my progress at work takes place and how I go from one task to another. Also one reason why I made a bullet journal is to track my work task.

How my current Bullet Journal looks like ~


I'm currently using a Moleskin Dotted Journal as my planner. I find dotted journal a lot helpful with creating patterns and boxes for daily, weekly and monthly spreads. I wrote down a Key Notes spread but then forgets to use the actual keys, hah typical me.

My May spread is a two whole spreads and that's it. Because this is the second journal I had for the month of May, because I keep on changing how my spreads will look like and my current spread layout helps me a tons, to be honest. I love how it looks.


See, I don't really plan anything ahead personally other than what my father wants me to do or the tasks I really need for myself. I also keep track of what I do at work because like I said, I like to see my progress at work tasks.

As for pens, I am using Tombow Dual Brushes and other 0.3 pens which obviously I forgot their names. Hehehe

My June Spread




I started tracking my task, mood for that day and my water intake. And you can obviously see that I don't drink that much water or forget to track them down, but pretty sure I drink a lot of water a day. I also track my work time log which helps with checking in with my pay check. What really helps me with all of this bullet journal idea is the ideas I have for my blog. I actually though about drafting a post about my Bullet Journal last month and didn't actually pushed it through til today which is the fouth of July.



I also sometimes include my weekly Bible verse on each of my weekly spreads. It helps me reflect to any verse plus everything helps me with practicing my calligraphy. So it's a win-win for me :p

Whenever I don't have something planned, I sometimes make and draw in what I wanted my next month spread will look like. And since I've been pretty busy lately with my job, my last week of June spread is actually empty and you'll see on my calligraphy and bullet journal tracker that I haven't touched any pen for the last few weeks of June.



And for July's work tracker, I made it a whole page spread to help with a lot tasks, whether home or work. I will probably keep tracking my blog progress and other life progress. And pretty sure this journal will be colorful and full by the end of this year, hopefully.

My second week spread in July is a bit busy to be honest. I find it helpful if I take down the tasks I needed to do for that day, it's really great. I'm lovin the layout as well. Hopefully, this really works out!

Have you tried bullet journal? How is it going for you?


Kristine, a twenty-something Filipina who loves to document life, love, photographs and other little things.

One thought on “My Bullet Journal | 2017

  1. I don’t use my bullet journal as much and sayang yung pages when I force myself to do a weekly spread, nasestress din ako, so gumawa ako ng one spread for the entire month. I only jot down the major tasks. It’s helped me so far! Mas nakikita ko din yung overview ng schedule ko, which is better for me.

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