Life Lately: How Am I Doin?

My last life lately post was back in March and my last post in the blog was in April. Guess who is not inspired to write anything? I do. But I will not abandon this little space, I love this place! Hopefully sooner I’ll get inspiration to write and take photos again…slowly.

Good news is, I am happy and healthy! I am gaining back my weight and that’s really good news! Hooray!

I have been really inactive in my blog, I am postin on Instagram though and lurking photos and scrolling on Facebook.

My blog has a new look! What do you think? I am more into clean state look for my blog and more organized – not so me in real life! Haha. I added portfolio clickable link on my home page just for future photographs.

My first time photographing a newborn and it is really fun! Babies are fun to play with 🙂 I’ll try to share few photos from that ‘photoshoot’.

Other than photographing newborn, I tried enhancing my ‘graphic artist’ side and did a simple baptismal invitation for the baby I photographed. Heheh.

Hair is still on the same length (though this photo was taken months ago). But I ain’t complaining, I still love my haircut.

I am honestly doing pretty good. I’ll try my best to update here and there; and maybe post here more often, hopefully.

And, I’ll end this post right here and hope to see you in the blog! Btw, how are you all??