Life Lately | Got My Second Tattoo

I have been planning on getting another tattoo for so long. I had ideas on what should I get next but having a conservative parents, getting another tattoo is impossible.

I got my first tattoo back in 2014. I asked my dad if we can get a tattoo and working in a customer service pace job is how we met and knew our tattoo artist that time. They had a place near our job and one Saturday afternoon we (by we, I meant my sister and my dad) stopped by at their tattoo shop to get inked.

My inital plan was to get the same tattoo as Demi Lovato’s, but my dad wouldn’t agree of us having that big tattoo. So what we did was, I split the tattoo in two. I got the Faith and my sister got the birds. Here’s an image of my first tattoo.

The feeling was unexplainable. I still remember what my tattoo artist told me that day, that my first tattoo will not be the last. And he’s right, there is something about getting a tattoo that I loved. So for years, I have been planning on getting my second tattoo. But I always think what my dad will say. So, after our citizenship stuffs, my sisters and I planned on getting a matchy sister tattoo. It took us what, maybe two years til we finally get them on our skin!

I got the second tattoo on the 3rd of January. We had a lot of ideas what to get on our skin. Endless group chats, photo sharing and we have decided to get this heart shaped clover. After living in the United States, not only we’ve become closer but we became best friends! And this tattoo symbolizes our bond, love and friendship. And no matter what happened, even if one get married, one moves out, problems in our life— we’ll always be together and closer.

3 thoughts on “Life Lately | Got My Second Tattoo

  1. Aww, your second tattoo looks really cute! I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I haven’t made any final decisions yet. The hard part is choosing the design! I would love something for months, then I will change my mind after a few months. In the end, I never get a tattoo.


  2. I love your tattoo! What was your first?

    I had my first tattoo just a few months ago. I agree with what your artist said; true enough, I am already thinking of what to have next! When I got mine, my sisters have actually opened up to me that they also want one, and I suggested that we can get matching ones! Hopefully someday that would materialise like what you and your sister did!

    By the way, I think I would also blog about my tattoo experience. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thankyou! First tattoo was on my left wrist, “Faith”. Had it like three years after we have settled here in US.

      There is really something about body art that I like. But not too much. Haha. I can’t wait to see yours and read your tattoo blog.


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