Like any other bloggers, I started in Multiply black in 2010 – where I just basically store everything: my rants, photos and it also served as my diary as well. I moved to another platform, Tumblr, in year 2011. And there I continued writing my rants, re-blogging cute stuffs and meeting awesome online friends. As time goes by, I found a bit of love through writing and blogging.


And in 2015, The Blank Polaroids was created. I started writing about my love situation that time, documenting little things about my life too. As I began to remove the topic long distance in my niche, I started taking more photos and wanting to travel for few life experiences. I have limited things to do – so I shoot, travel, write and blog whenever I can.

Why The Blank Polaroids? I had few arguments with myself on what to name my blog. Thus, those are two words that explains the things I love – writing and photography. The Blank Polaroids is a personal space in this online world where I write what my heart desires and document all the words, poems and photographs I took and course, tell you how much I am in love with the city, New York!

Few things about the blogger:

  • Filipina residing in New Jersey.
  • Pisces and an introvert.
  • Loves to play video games.

Frequently Used Tools on the blog:

Camera: Nikon D3200 (kit lens/55-300mm VR lens/AF-S 35mm)and iPhone 8 Plus
Software: VSCO and Adobe Lightroom
Stock Photos:pexels.com

Disclaimer: The Blank Polaroids is a blog created by Kristine. All content such as images and words written on this blog are mine unless stated otherwise. Stock images used on this blog are all from the site: pexels.