Christmas Tree Lighting at Princeton, NJ

Yes, I am just writing this now…in March.

Our main reason why we visited Princeton this time was because my sister had this project in school that she had to try on some bakery and some sorts, and since we thought Princeton has few spots, so why not.


Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Last Saturday, my sister and I went fishing together with her boyfriend’s family. It was honestly my first time doing this kind of thing..going out on a Saturday night with other people. We actually went home around 2 AM, imagine how late that was for me.

So before that, I’ve been tweeting endlessly on what should I wear when someone’s going fishing, I even searched it on the web and didn’t find any. I even decided to bring my camera with me, risking of taking good ol shots, but didn’t used it anyways. So the following images you’ll see on this post are all from my iPhone 6s+ and edited using Lightroom, some are two ofย Corinth’s presets! ๐Ÿ˜€