Bible Verses that Helped Me

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I admit, I always miss hearing Sunday masses. The last time we heard mass was probably last January, few days before our interview (which I might post in few weeks or so). But I always talk to him like literally every night before I go to sleep. And every day I wake up I try to read what’s on my daily verse.

And He knows about my relationships – everything about them. Including all the tears and laughter, including those pain I feel – He knows all about it.


Hear My Heart Out

The last time I updated my blog was last year, probably five to six months or maybe even more than that. I never planned to abandon my little internet space, I loved this space! It’s just there are things that I needed to think about, things that I went through, and things that I need to fix on my own. It was also an eye opener for me to be honest.

Holidays in the Philippines

It’s no surprise that I miss the place where I grew up – The Philippines.

And I feel so lucky and grateful that after five long years of living in the United States, I can say that Yup, it’s nice to go back home~

It was almost an 18-hour flight from New York to Manila. We rented a cab that drove us from New Jersey to New York, which surprisingly took us few hours only. Heh. And yup, I didn’t sleep on the trip and took the entire road trip to see New York in dawn.. We came in early, checked in our bags and waited for our departure time. It was then, the 6th of December and to be honest, I am pretty much excited that we are all going back home. As usual, there is nothing much excited about a long haul flight, well good thing there is an in-flight games and tons of movies to keep us awake and entertained.

Vacation Haul | 2016

The reason behind me not blogging for a while is because my family and I took a month long vacation in the Philippines. But no worries, I am back in the States, finished editing some of the photos I took and will try to publish at least once or twice a week. And I’ll probably start working on the posts sometime next week or whenever I am free, since I start working again next week. So let me start this vacation posts with this vacation haul.

These are just things that I bought and others are from my lovely friends.

Let’s Talk About The Things I’m Thankful For

Looking back, last year’s Thanksgiving post was about long distance relationship couples who have something to say and something that would like to thank about. And that same year, I have been thankful because of having a clean state heart and in fact a happy heart. It wasn’t the memories that hit me, instead the realizations I am having right now and in the past few days.

And this year, as I am writing and finishing this Thanksgiving post – I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for whether small or big things that had happened in my life in 2016.

Read: “Let’s talk about you: I am most thankful of..

What’s On My iPhone

I’ve been wanting to do this because I forgot who’s blog I have read before who had done this too and gave me an idea and told myself – Eh why not do it besides, I have done the what’s in my bag tag (camera bag). So here it is, and after a week of being MIA on the blog and other social media account I have, here I am again. Trying to revive and fill in the time I missed and Oh how I miss facing my laptop and writing blog! So without further adieu, here is my What’s On My iPhone (tag).

Five Years

We all meet someone who will leave photos and significant memories in our lives. Whether it may be the guy who made a promise to you when you were young; the guy who loved you so much or the guy who broke your heart. Either way they still somehow left a mark in your life and taught you life lessons. Right?

I do come across several people online and not so much in person. And sometimes, I get too attached and make instant connections to those whom I met online. These people I met online were the ones who I have proven to stick with my life, through thick and thin; though we miss communicating for a week or month – I still know that I will always have a friend to run and talk to. And you’d be so lucky if you’ve met them. Well then I am lucky and I am happy that I have met someone online and knew them personally.

Two Day Staycation

I haven’t had a long weekend ever since I started to work. We work almost every day of the year except holidays and my regular off which is Monday. It’s not really that bad since I only work until noon, but I had to start early – and I still get to rest the whole afternoon, maybe watch a movie on Netflix or just sleep.

But today, Sunday, as I write this post we haven’t been working since Saturday or we’re working on our driveway instead. As you all know, Snow Storm Jonas hit East Coast on Saturday, and it affected us. It started snowing around Friday night and when we wake up Saturday morning, everything is covered in white!