May Favorites

Another month has come to an end, finally getting close to summer, eh? Not really that excited for summer, but before anything else let’s track my favorites from the month of May.

To be honest, having a bullet journal to write shenanigans and stuff I liked for the past month is really a good thing. Also, I love writing and pens, so a bullet journal totally helps. 


A Look In My Calligraphy Journal

I love doodles and doodling on my spare time. Back in college I always end up having doodles on my paper and notebooks to pass the time and my few of my classmates and friends would love my doodles back then.

One time, I was browsing the Instagram explore page when I stumbled upon a calligraphy account and thought about giving it a shot since I loved doodling, so why not. I bought my first sketch pad and my first set of brush pens without knowing if I’ll love the thing or what, but obviously I loved doing calligraphy that’s why I am writing this.

Life Lately: What’s Going On?

Happy almost Fri-yay! Well I am drafting this on a Thursday night and as usual I’d be probably posting this on a weekend or maybe tomorrow (which by then it’s Fri-yay)! And as usual, I decided to publish it few days after. Haha. So what’s really going on? I’ve been literally MIA on the blog again for the nth time.

But as you can tell, I edited my theme again…well same theme but tweaked a bit and removed the widgets and the sidebar. Though some of my social links are at the bottom page but take note that you’ll see the links when you’re ONLY at the home page :p

So, what’s up with you guys? How y’all doing? To be honest, I’ve been spending time on bloglovin’ and reading posts from there or on twitter.

NYC: Brooklyn Bridge

It was a dream of mine to visit New York and luckily I get to visit the state probably every year and get to visit new places which I pretty much see on Instagram. I am not going to deny it, I AM IN LOVE WITH NEW YORK!

So then, I was browsing my hard drive and saw these images I took back in year 2014 or so. And I know it’s a bit old, but the memories are still here and forever kept. So I’ll take you to New York, specifically Brooklyn Bridge. Enjoy!

Jumpyard | Philippines

I saw posts about an indoor trampoline park before we actually flew for our vacation and was curious about it and I told my sisters about it and they were so game about it. So then when we had our vacation in the Philippines, we got the time and privilege to go to one of their branches.

It was the 19th of December when we decided to visit San Fernando branch of Jump Yard. Located at Paseo Las Palmas, Jose Abad Santos Ave., San Fernando, Pampanga.

The place has three like activity center for any ages. But we decided to go with the Indoor Trampoline Park. To check out the other activities here are some of their links: Lazer Maxx and Fun Ranch.

Goodbye, February

This month flew so fast. I can still feel some Philippine air and I still feel so jet lagged or I’m just that lazy….lol but nonetheless, goodbye awesome February! And this month, I have been MIA on the blog and haven’t posted anything, though honestly I drafted few notes on my paper and on my phone. I guess I didn’t have that time to write them here. Anyways, how are you guys? I missed you all, I missed writing and I missed reading blogs.

Well like I said, this month flew soooo fast! And in couple weeks I’ll be turning another year older. Boo! So what’s up with me? Anything new? Well no, same old stuff going on in my life. I’ve been getting more sleep on my weekends off, so that’s a new thing. Also spending lots of time watching Spongebob Squarepants and that’s another reason why I’m not writing….getting distracted with the show.

National Shrine of the Divine Mercy | Philippines

On December 30th, my family and I drove an hour or two to Marilao, Bulacan to hear a mass. We got ready around 4 AM and was ready for the road after an hour, we then arrived the place at around 7 AM or so. And far as I could remember, it was my first time in the church. But then, my parents told us that we’ve already visited the church once, when we were young and when half of the church was still under construction, I think.

We came in early for the next mass, so we waited and walked around the place and was really fascinated by the place. 

DIY Memory Wall with Printiki

We are in a year where photos are stored online, either on Instagram or other social media. I’m not gonna lie, but I find online photo storage so great especially for audiences and family members who are all over the world. Like me, who has family and friends back in the Philippines, I am positive that sharing photo online is one of the best idea for sharing them without spending a single penny. I am also one of the people who still love to collect my photos in prints!

I start having my photos in actual prints back in 2013 and thought about, where am I going to store these prints? I actually bought a small photo album for it, but never actually used it – I even forgot where I placed the album itself. So I thought about something else and I’ve seen it on either Pinterest or Instagram. I decided to make myself a memory wall out of these prints!