Holidays in the Philippines

It’s no surprise that I miss the place where I grew up – The Philippines.

And I feel so lucky and grateful that after five long years of living in the United States, I can say that Yup, it’s nice to go back home~

It was almost an 18-hour flight from New York to Manila. We rented a cab that drove us from New Jersey to New York, which surprisingly took us few hours only. Heh. And yup, I didn’t sleep on the trip and took the entire road trip to see New York in dawn.. We came in early, checked in our bags and waited for our departure time. It was then, the 6th of December and to be honest, I am pretty much excited that we are all going back home. As usual, there is nothing much excited about a long haul flight, well good thing there is an in-flight games and tons of movies to keep us awake and entertained.

Vacation Haul | 2016

The reason behind me not blogging for a while is because my family and I took a month long vacation in the Philippines. But no worries, I am back in the States, finished editing some of the photos I took and will try to publish at least once or twice a week. And I’ll probably start working on the posts sometime next week or whenever I am free, since I start working again next week. So let me start this vacation posts with this vacation haul.

These are just things that I bought and others are from my lovely friends.

Thank You, 2016!

Few things why I am writing this post: (1) I miss writing/blogging and (2) I have free wifi again! And I know, I’m like a week late for publishing this post, forgive me for being late, but you know – better late than never!

Let me start by saying, Happy New Year! How are your New Years? How’s your 2016? I’m telling you, my 2016 was great – more like a roller coaster of happenings and a lot to be thankful for! And since we’re talking about my last year, let me share you few of my highlights!

Goodbye, November

Funny how I was supposed to publish this before our vacation but same old me, I forgof about it. And it’s been a while since November left and indeed a fast month! I remember when I was just writing down my October favorites then we’re already so close to the New Year.

I’ll take you back to last month if you may, my November sure is a roller coaster ride! There are times that I wanted to cry, times where I literally cried and times that I am indeed so happy.

Let’s Talk About The Things I’m Thankful For

Looking back, last year’s Thanksgiving post was about long distance relationship couples who have something to say and something that would like to thank about. And that same year, I have been thankful because of having a clean state heart and in fact a happy heart. It wasn’t the memories that hit me, instead the realizations I am having right now and in the past few days.

And this year, as I am writing and finishing this Thanksgiving post – I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for whether small or big things that had happened in my life in 2016.

Read: “Let’s talk about you: I am most thankful of..

Lessons I’ve Learned From My Past Relationship

It’s funny that I’m writing this, and you probably will laugh about it and say, “Oh, she isn’t over with him yet. It’s been a year, move on girl!” Actually I’m over with it. This will be just few realizations I had over the year.

Every people we come across and even who left a remarkable note in our life will always leave a life lesson — either you’ll keep it your entire life and learn from it. Relationships are tough, and I’m sure breakups will make you a stronger person. With every tear you shed and smile you had, it will always teach us a lesson.

I’ve been in a relationship before and after a year of the break up, here I am – much focused on work, family and myself. Other than that, that breakup taught me few life and love lessons and reason why I’m writing this post is  to share them to you.

Our Borrowed Love

It was heartbreaking

It was a borrowed love

And we knew we fought for it

Every second

Every hour and every mile

Every one knew he was one of a kind –

A pure heart

Lucky enough

I had a lot of chance

To call him a friend

And to witness him laugh and smile

Even on parted ways

Even on separated lives

I wish nothing but a good life

And genuine happiness

Which I know he already has

In this final poem

I write you not regrets

But all joys and security

You have taught this heart to grow

But this little heart grows out of experiences

Yours is a lesson

That for sure I will never forget

Central Park | New York

This will be the last part of my New York post ~

There are a lot of things to do in Central Park, to be honest. You can either rent a bike and just stroll the park itself, rent a roller skates I think, tour the park in a horse ride and pedicabs. There are literally a lot, but we didn’t do any of it, because we didn’t know there are things like that. But we sure enjoyed the park though.