La Poesía de Cinco Líneas | 04

I am starting to forget you.

And start a new page on my book.

As I turn the pages forward.

On a different story line,

Where I would only smile and be happy.


Tell Me

Tell me I’m pretty,

Even if just for a day.

It may be a little tricky,

And I would still believe what you’ll say.

Tell me you love me,

Even if it is for the last time.

You’re all my heart can see,

From time to time.

Tell me you miss me,

Tell me you still care.

Because those are the words,

I’d still love to hear.

Fears of Someone in a LDR

“Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is an intimate relationship between two partners

who are geographically isolated from one another.”

— Long Distance Relationship on Wikipedia (

In this present time, most relationships started over the internet. Whether you signed up for a “dating-site”, gave comment to a post and talked almost every day after that or you started as a close distance partners but the other one had to go abroad maybe for work, school or migration. These are some instances why long distance relationships happens.