Let’s Talk About You: “I Am Most Thankful Of….”

Thanksgiving was just couple weeks ago and even if it isn’t the day of giving thanks, we shouldn’t stop for being grateful to things.

To start this off, I am thankful for all the things I have right now and most especially I am thankful for all the people that have never left me. I am thankful that I wake up every morning with a smile in my heart. And I am thankful to a person that made me strong. Thankful for every lesson I learned from my past relationship will always remain and whatever wrong-doings we created will always be a lesson to me, a lesson which is never to be repeated in the future.

But this prompt is not about me. This time, it will be about you.

Seaside Heights | New Jersey

It is odd that I am posting Summer images on a winter weather. Haha. These photos were taken last June 29, 2013 my first experience on a beach! Also, I added this feature last week where I share some of my photographs which I am proud of. 🙂 so enjoy!

Tell Me

Tell me I’m pretty,

Even if just for a day.

It may be a little tricky,

And I would still believe what you’ll say.

Tell me you love me,

Even if it is for the last time.

You’re all my heart can see,

From time to time.

Tell me you miss me,

Tell me you still care.

Because those are the words,

I’d still love to hear.